Maximizing Your Potential


We are developing a game on a mobile platform which aim to minimize the future risk and help you be a better driver on the road.

We put the player in many common but risky situations in a safe environment in order to learn skills needed in today’s roads.

In the last 3 years on average, 345 people died in car accidents, many due to lack of ability to control the machine they are handling. 

That we want to change.


Our vision

We believe in education through experience and therefore we want to make our impact on those who yet held a driving wheel and who yet encounter the urban jungle out there.

We want to get them ready in the best possible way.



What we are?

Altedrive in a game which will help you be a better driver. The game simulates driving in car, while encountering normal and extreme scenarios that happen in the road on a daily basis, while the learning process is achieved through competition with other players

Why we do it?

In today’s driving teaching method students are taught to pass the test, the teaching is not fully thorough and this is where we enter.

We want to change the driving culture and make our roads safer.

Sadly we were driven to help solve this issue due to the awful statistics were we see that since 1948 more than 34,000 people died in car accidents in Israel, more than 5,500 of them are kids and In the last 3 years on average, 345 people died due to the same reason.


How do we do it?

The game builds your skills based on several stages needed to be a great driver, anticipation, being prepared, behaving according to the conditions and builds a good foundation for driving instincts.

The competition within the game encourages you to be a better player and because we use real scenarios, to be a better driver.

We grade the player after each phase in the game and enter it to the general statistics of all our players. After each phase the player gets a chance to learn from his mistakes and learn how to do better for next time.




Our challenges:

in order to achieve our goal, we need of course the participation of those we want to impact. The main challenge we face is getting people to want to use the system and be better playing it.To overcome this, we need the game to be attractive in graphics and in UX, and we need to get our audience to play it.

Ezra Bardanshvili
I'm a student at Ramot high school in Bat Yam, and my majors are biology and computer science. I am from Bat Yam, I really love everything about computers but specially programming and its one of my hobbies. my role in the team was to program and to make the user interface. I'm working hard about it because I know the main thing for the success of Altedrive is get the people to want to play and I want to achieve that via good graphics. the main thing I got from the project was the experience of working in a team, the cooperation it requires and the working path. And it also got me thinking a little about maybe a future in this domain.
Almog Yaakov
I'm a student at Ramot high school in Bat Yam, and my majors are physics and computer science. I am from Bat Yam, I really love programming and I love expending my knowledge about it, so this project was really thrilling for me. my role in the team was to program the game mainly in the background part, I like to think a lot about how to make the solution better all the time the main thing I got from this project was the experience of learning how to work as a startup group and how to organize the assignments of every member in the group
Tomer Nissimyan
IDC student
I'm a student for B.A in business administration and entrepreneurship, in IDC. I'm from Herzliya, enjoys politics, economics and the nature, like to hike and to ride mountain bike. My role in our team is business promotion and managing the project, and I'm in charge of getting ourselves to move fast be ambitious and make things happen. My main concern in this phase is getting people from the industry to gain interest in our project, because I believe that real acknowledgment from an outsider is important to the students (Almog and Ezra), who are building their confidence in this world. I gained and sharpened many skills during the process, I enjoyed working in a team where we were all focused on the same thing, I learned about thinking ahead, anticipating progress and manage it in order to do the best within the team's capabilities.
Ofra Sharan
Social Educator and Excellence in Nachshon Coordinator, MA In literature, 34 years of seniority in teaching.

All projects (tech-prototypes) are ‘open for sell’  for flat fee based on MAX proprietary commercial  and legal generic terms.

The buyer will receive all project’s properties such as :

– IP

– Source code

– Brand & Product design

– Working prototype

– Marketing & Business materials and connections

*MAX is legally authorized to make the transaction on behalf of the team.

Were we at?

Currently we have one phase ready of the game, this phase demonstrates one driving challenge and we seek to keep develop new and more advanced challenges.

Using more challenges would help us deliver more knowledge to the end user and to expose him to more diverse scenarios. 

We use Unity platform and we have achieved great results with it. although we believe that using a high end more advanced platform would help us step the game up and achieve our goals faster. 

After having few more challenges and phases in the game we would be ready to try the prototype on real driving students.

Being able to test the game on a bigger scale is important for getting a correct product market fit and tune the game to achieve better results.


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    Our Impact
    We believe in education and teaching through experience, Altedrive will help you be a better driver
    we want you to encounter normal and extreme scenarios that happen on the road on a daily basis, get the skills!
    convenient, you could play and learn at any time and any place.