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fundraising events management tool that offers an easy and simple way for pre-paid donations. 


What’s the problem you are trying to solve? 

“Kids For Wish Kids” is a program ran by “Make A Wish” organization. 

The program is executed in different settings, where a group of children are recruited (In school, youth movements, etc.) and organizes a fundraising event for a specific child’s wish.

In light of regulatory changes, the NGO is facing a challenge that threatens to continue the project “Kids For Wish Kids”: In the very near future (a matter of days or weeks), banks will not receive such amounts in coins. and as a result, the association will not be able to continue this project in its current format.

In addition, dealing with such amounts in cash, especially in coins, is cumbersome and makes it difficult to manage the association.

What’s your venture about?

Our venture is about enabling “Make A Wish” , and other non-profit organizations , run fundraising events easily. 

We aim to spare the effort and complexity of cash deposit, manage the event itself in an easy and organized way and keep a live track of the donations before and during the event.


How are you solving the problem?

We enable each future guest of the fundraising event, an easy and simple way to donate money in advanced, with no need to use cash or any payment method in the event itself. 

Using a digital wallet technology we offer different non-profit organizations the ability to collect donations in small amounts directly to their bank account – sparing the obsolete and complicated use of cash. 

Creating a personal Digital Wallet for every donor enables live balance management during the event using Easydone8 system


How does it work?

We have created a web platform designated for “Make A Wish” organization and it’s event managers.

For every event organized as part of “Kids For Wish Kids” program, “Make A Wish” will create a unique landing page which directs the user to donate money for the specific event’s wish through a common digital payment app.

The balance (donation amount) and all the information provided by the user while making the donation, will be saved in our DataBase and will be monitored by the organization and the event’s manager constantly. 

During the event, each attendee will get a QR code that will be scanned in order to purchase different items in every booth – charged against his donation. 

Our platform also includes a system used to manage the event and all user’s balance in real-time, including cashiers and a manager balance control interface.

What are your challenges? 

Our main challenge is to create the most convenient and easy payment method for the user.
Most of the preliminary research we conducted was an in-depth survey among our main target audience aimed at understanding what is the easiest and most convenient solution for most of them.
After consolidating insights and action on the issue, we encountered challenges in connecting the interface we built with various digital payment applications.

Who are you impacting?

Our main immediate impact is on “Make A Wish” NGO’s ability to raise funds and fulfill children’s wishes.

Without an innovative digital solution to replace donations by coins and cash, fundraising events will be no longer operational in the years to come. 

From our point of view, our most important impact is enabling “Kids For Wish Kids” program to continue it’s remarkable 

In the long run, we will be able to impact other nonprofits organizations that Who strive to cut down on cash donation dependency .

We can provide an easy way to raise small donations that together will make a significant contribution.

Amit Shtarkman
Currently studying cyber in "Hadarim" high school. My role in the team was writing the code, building our website. I am very satisfied with my journey creating this project. I learned a lot about coding and technical work. Furthermore, the cause of this project is very important and I wish it will help "Make A Wish".
Maya Rotbaum
Shows interest in collaborative work, problem solving through smart design and volunteering. My role at the project was to define, illustrate and design the User Experience in the product.
Netta Levy
IDC student
Computer Science and Entrepreneurship BSc. student in IDC Herzliya. My role in the team was business development and Marketing.
Shmulik Shwartz
Head of computer science Classes at Hadarim school, Hod Hasharon

All projects (tech-prototypes) are ‘open for sell’  for a flat fee based on MAX proprietary commercial and legal generic terms.

The buyer will receive all project’s properties such as :

– IP

– Source code

– Brand & Product design

– Working prototype

– Marketing & Business materials and connections

*MAX is legally authorized to make the transaction on behalf of the team.

Today , We have all the codes and designs ready but we haven’t launched the platform yet. We had a slight delay from the schedule we have planned Due to Covid-19 crisis.

Over the next few weeks , our goal is to finalize the structure of the servers we’ll use and to upload a first Beta version – including the management system only. 

In Addition, on the operational aspects – we are currently negotiating with a credit and clearing solutions company. This company connects one-pages to digital payment apps, and offers solutions that are high likely to help us.
We are currently looking for similar charge-free solutions in order to Perform comprehensive checks on the entire process, from the moment of donation to the moment of using the balance in the fundraising event. 

Technical Details: 

DataBase: MYSQL 

Server: python (using Flask) Admin 

Website and One-Page : HTML, CSS, JavaScript Application: Android Studios (JavaScript)

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