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A monitoring system for epilepsy patients that allow the patient to manage his or her own life routine.

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Epis was inspired through one of our team members (Shira Saar), who has a 10-year-old cousin who has epilepsy.

After a conversation with her aunt, she found out that the illness was preventing her cousin from being away from home without his mother. In addition, her aunt must go with him everywhere in case something happens, she will have to give the essential action. The disease hurt his independence, creating a certain dependence and constant concern. After realizing the situation of her aunt is in, she felt this problem must be solved.


The Problem 

Epilepsy is characterized by sudden involuntary seizures accompanied by tremors and seizures. The seizure is unmanageable and unpredictable and can occur at any given moment, even in time Sleep. Each seizure damages the patient’s mind and memory. If the seizure lasts more than two minutes, there is a need to evacuate the patient to the nearest hospital for treatment. 

There are about 81,795 epilepsy patients in Israel alone,
1 from 1000 persons has Epilepsy 9 and 10 patients per 1,000,1 persons in the population

The patient’s lack of time control The seizure causes him to hang around and he needs a caretaker, which impedes his independence.
We want to restore the patient independence 


How does it work ?

The device will detect by the muscle sensor the intensity of muscle contraction and send them to the
microcontroller. The microcontroller will detect when there is an epileptic attack by recognizing the frequency of muscle contractions. Once an epileptic seizure is detected, the device will alert a computerized system to send the information to the predefined contacts and the location of the patient, in addition, the system will be alerted on the spot by LED and hum so that people in the patient’s 


Our Challenges

Development of an accurate epilepsy detection algorithm.
To determine if seizure Occurs our product is base on two main parameters, the frequency of muscle contractions and the intensity of the contractions. To find the right algorithm, you need to correlate these 2 parameters with an epileptic attack. There is currently no research that provides enough data to make an accurate algorithm. Importantly, these parameters may differ from person to person, so the algorithm must have the option to change the parameters.

The contrast between product comfort and the size of electronic components. The product must be wearable due to the fact that it needs to be connected to the patient’s body and to know his place during the day. The device must be of a high standard. At the moment, the size of the components allows us to give a certain design.
at the same time we developed  an ideal size design as a smart bracelet size


Our impact

We find a solution for thousands of epilepsy patients who fear their health when experiencing a seizure. The product allows them to manage their daily lives without the fear of being left alone without help when they experience a seizure. They can be sure that their relatives will know when they are having a seizure and thus cab call for help in their location.

Adi Shulman
I'm from Hod Hasharon. I am mainly interested in cars and vehicles, physics and general science. My role in the group was to be part of the process of developing and formulating the general idea, selecting and inventing components that are on the market to realize the purpose of the project. In addition, open and build the PCB board on which all the components of the project are located. My personal experience has been a good one, learning how to be part of a team of people and working with them together to improve the condition of epilepsy patients. In my opinion, the tools I acquired are important additional tools that I will need in the future.
Shachar Margalit
I come from the city of Kfar Sabat and love to be with friends and play football. My role in the project is to be responsible for project communication - transferring the information from the chip to a central server that will store the information and send the attack to the person's contact. I learned from the project more about the field of communication and its work, and in addition I learned how to work in a group where each person comes from different fields. This project was my final project and it was very important for me to work on it.
Adam Gottfried
I've lived in Kfar Saba all my life. I like to engage in the arts, practice it and hang out with friends. My role in the project was to form part of an idea and I was responsible for designing it together with shira. I learned from this project how to work in a group that has experience from different fields. We had a challenge to design the project under the component size constraints, but we overcame it well. This project is my final project in the class, so I was thinking of getting the most out of the design and practice.
Sean Florsheim
I grew up in Kibbutz Yakum and Kibbutz Yakum, then moved to Kfar Saba. I will love computer sports TV I really enjoyed working on the project all along, during my work I was mainly concerned with the microcontroller software and the detection of seizures.
Shira Saar
I am from Kfar Saba, love art and design very much. I'm the one who came up with the idea and I have a relative who has epilepsy, besides, I took part in the product design and research work behind it. I have to say it's very exciting because thanks to my idea, we have this project. In addition, the teamwork is good and there is good chemistry between us all. I think the project taught me a lot about teamwork and the difficulties it has, even though it all works out in the end.
Ofek Tavor
IDC student
I grow up in omer , a little town by beer sheva, I was an Officer at IDF – Intelligence Technology Unit I loved the opportunity to work with the students on their idea that came out as a desire to help people in trouble, it was an opportunity to analyze a product and see how to take an idea and make it a reality.

All projects (tech-prototypes) are ‘open for sell’  for flat fees based on MAX proprietary commercial and legal generic terms.

The buyer will receive all project’s properties such as :

– IP

– Source code

– Brand & Product design

– Working prototype

– Marketing & Business materials and connections

*MAX is legally authorized to make the transaction on behalf of the team.

We made a prototype that includes the muscle sensor, CPU, wifi transmitter, and GPS transmitter. Integration tests were performed on the device successfully and we were able to transfer the information to the server. The system manages to get reliable location by connecting to the GPS component, but there are reception problems in confined spaces such as rooms and corridors, due to the antenna size and the limited capabilities of the component.

In terms of design, we have developed 2 design models – one relating to existing electronic components and the other relating to design aspiration and maximum comfort


Moving our project forward

Correlation information between muscle contraction and epileptic seizures to write an effective algorithm. Minimize existing components to fit the product size to the design requirement for maximum comfort.

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