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inSight helps reduce cyberbullying and social violence online among kids. We want to make the cybersphere a safe place for kids to communicate with each other, while enabling parents to monitor and intervene when the reality requires them to – just like in real life.

Cyber Security


In order to let our children grow and learn from each other, we need to create a safe environment for them to prosper.

The Problem

Every year, thousands of children suffer from cyberbullying, and this pandemic is on the rise. Having very little control over what’s going on in platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and others, parents and teachers are left powerless to fight this issue. Not much can be done about a child being shunned by his classmates when there is no one to report it – and no one can help a child without knowing they’re being bullied.

Our Solution

We have created a platform that monitors the kid’s online behavioral trends and creates a personalized meter to track how their cyber social life is going. It tracks patterns and learn about the child’s unique behavior and alerts once “red flags” are raised or drastic changes are watched in the patterns. Once detected, the parents receive an alert.


How does it work?

The app is installed both on the child’s and the parent’s phone. The child’s app is silent – and can also be installed “silently”. The parent app contains info about all their children’s cyber-statuses, and they are alerted once unusual activity is detected. Our algorithms contain pattern-matching capabilities and speech recognition that allow the creation of a unique “meter” for every child.


Our Challenges?

The market is swarmed with child-monitoring apps, most of which are either to penetrative or too simple (dictionary-based keyword recognition, for example). Our challenge is to balance our algorithms between complexity, actual impact, and minimizing unnecessary invasiveness.

Our Impact

Remember all those thousands of bullied kids? Well, research shows that minimal intervention in early-stage bullying can not only de-escalate the situation but stop it for good. Being the responsible adult is a lot of responsibility – it truly is – and we are another tool in the arsenal of a caring parent.

The easiest thing to say would be that we measure smiles – but no, that’s not it. We measure our success by the rate which parents will keep the app installed and uninstalled – we want to become an everyday tool. Moreover, we will measure our success by the decrease of alerts since the app was installed – meaning we are making an actual impact.

Rom Dolinger
student at Kalay High School in Givatayim. Majors Computer Science, Physics and Cyber. It is amazing being a part of MAX project and I am looking forward to what we will do.
Meir M. Gabbay
entrepreneur & creative director with global experience and a proven track record in design and brand strategy.
Dan Zlotnikov
IDC student
first year CS & Entrepreneurship student at the IDC Herzliya. I enjoyed working on this project with my teammates and creating a platform that can make an actual impact in the world.
Sarah Fish
Head of Computer Science Classes at Kalay High School, Givatayim. Sarah always helped us in the project and highly contributed to the achievement of it!
Itay Ben-Saadon
Head of Computer Science Classes at Kalay High School, Givatayim.

All projects (tech-prototypes) are ‘open for sell’  for a flat fee based on MAX proprietary commercial and legal generic terms.

The buyer will receive all project’s properties such as :

– IP

– Source code

– Brand & Product design

– Working prototype

– Marketing & Business materials and connections

*MAX is legally authorized to make the transaction on behalf of the team.

We are at the MVP stage – we have the algorithms running and crunching mountains of data to train themselves and we have also developed a webpage that shows how the app will look and feel.
We have contacted several social media platforms to see whether there is a place for collaboration – we would love to run alongside one of the greats.


Technical Data

The system consists of a couple of main pillars:  a Python server used for communicating with the users’ phones and receiving content data, a Python Http server used for the control interface to view the users status, the control interface a website mobile optimized, an Android app  (Java built) for retrieving and sending the data to the server and a Python service used for analyzing, predicting and ranking the users’ data. The service performs type error correction (using proven Python models), word2vec, and other optimized trained models for analyzing the data. Then the service predicts the values of the message on a closed scale and puts it and compares it to the mathematical functions of the user itself and all the users. Predicts trends and corrects the function if not true. Raising the user’s meter when the trend is going up, and more if the trend has been proven by the data, the trend is extreme in relation to the users or the general public, gives attention to the sequence of messages or very severe one. All the messages are deleted from the server immediately,  and the user’s details are totally encrypted. 


What do you need to bring the project forward?

We need a frontend/android/iOS oriented development team, funding, and a strategic partner that will help us navigate in the world of social media and the cybersphere.

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    Our Impact
    We make the cybersphere safe again.
    inSight helps parents stay alert to their child's needs
    Schools can once again be a safe place for learning and growing