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Our goal is to streamline the process of finding parking in cities, by creating a social app that connects between a driver seeking for parking – to one that is leaving his parking spot.



Creating an application that supplies the environment needed in order to solve the given problem, while maintaining an efficient and easy-to-use interface.



The Problem

The number of cars in cities around the world today is steadily rising, with the number of parking spots limited.

This figure creates a reality wherein major cities around the world, drivers are wasting a lot of valuable time on finding a parking space near their home or workplace.

Back when we started working on the project, we operated a survey in order to realize the scale and area of our problem. The main insight was that most of the people living in major cities in Israel are all affected by it.

Solving The Problem

Our approach in order to solve the given problem is creating a collaborative space (social platform) where users will be able to share information about free parking spots in real-time or in advance, to help each other save time on a daily basis.

How does it work

The main function that the app will provide is the possibility to search for parking according to several aspects among – location, the time it is vacated, and the type (Paid, Free, etc.).

In addition, you will be able to enter new information about free parking by passersby who use the app and also by drivers who are about to leave their parking spot, thus expanding the parking pool.

By giving users precedence over the amount of parking they will share, users will be motivated to share parking. 

Hopefully this situation will create a Win-Win Situation between parking seekers and the rest of the users – a basis that can strengthen the usage and existence of our product.

Yuval Aboudi
My name is Yuval Aboudi. I am a 12th grade student at Ostrovsky High School in Ra’anana. While making the project I met the students and we came up with some ideas that helped me with the making the project and overcome some obstacles I had in my code.
Noa Engelberg
My name is Noa, I'm 24 years old from Holon. I chose to study interior design at the College of Management in Rishon Lezion. I am very connected to the design field. My experience in the project was very good. I got to know new people, donate to myself, and design an interesting and unique app.
Etay Todress
IDC student
My name is Etay Todress, currently a Computer Science & Entrepreneurship student at IDC. As a part of the team, my main role at the beginning was analyzing the problem, as well as initial characterization of the project. In the later stages, I was in charge of market - competitors analysis, and finally in charge of execution as well.
Dorit Ben David
Head of computer science Classes at Ostrovsky school, Ra'annana

All projects (tech-prototypes) are ‘open for sell’  for flat fee based on MAX proprietary commercial  and legal generic terms.

The buyer will receive all project’s properties such as :

– IP

– Source code

– Brand & Product design

– Working prototype

– Marketing & Business materials and connections

*MAX is legally authorized to make the transaction on behalf of the team.

The project uses your mobile phone GPS and sorting the available parkings from the closest to you to the most far park. It is written in Xaml and C# and uses Accsess’s database to store the data of each user and parking. 


In addition the app lets the user upload a park from his location to the database and if his upload is reliable then the user achieves points. With those points the user receives credits that will help him get relevant alerts of free parking spots.

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