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Our venture is all about creating an accessible, easy and safe platform to provide a better option for carpooling.


What’s your venture about?

Carpooling is defiantly the new black. It’s an environmental, affordable, and fun way to commute. Our venture is all about creating an accessible, easy, and safe platform to provide a better option for carpooling. The idea is, that each one of you can choose the perfect match to ride with, based on your preference, job, age, gender, and even hobbies. That’s way, you will make sure that your driver is not just to bring you from one place to another but also a person you can trust, feel safe with, and connect to him.   

What’s the problem you are trying to solve?

Situations in Israel caused people to avoid carpooling since it can count as a risky and unstable way to transport. People are willing to feel safe therefore will mostly rather spending more money on a privet service or using their own car. 

How are you solving the problem?

Think about dating Apps: find you the perfect match based on your personality and preference. That’s how we work, we are going to find each user the best options for him to drive with. While other carpool platforms are only trying to fulfill the actual need for transporting and do not get a high volume, we are giving the solution to the whole problem.


How does it work?

Simply- we want to get to know you. As a user, when you sign in , you will tell us about yourself and  fill out a questionnaire that will provide us some information so we can know you better. Then, our algorithm will make a wide research to find you the best match. 

What are your challenges?

The first challenge we are facing is to compete with big companies that already provide a finished product, have a large budget, and active costumers. The second challenge is the complexity of technology that is needed in the system, that combines maps, payment service, and the algorithm that make the perfect match. 


Who are you impacting?

In our vision, this product is aimed to be helpful for any person that needs to transport from one place to another. According to the survey that we have made, our product is useful and impact people that are willing to reduce car costs, someone who want to avoid wasting time looking for parking, people who care for the environment and etc. 

Dor Segal
IDC student
Since I remember myself I was always had the passion to make changes, be aware to my environment and was very curios to learn and investigate new things. In this project, my role was to create the starting connections between every part of it as well as creating the business connections. This project was the first real experience of creating a product and a good opportunity to execute the things I have learnt during my studying. I was excited and thrilled to learn the whole progress of building a startup and to see the parts of the project take form.
Nathanyel Sebbane
I was born in France, in Paris, there I studied till 10th grade. At this point, I made my “Alliah” to Israel. When I arrived in my school here, I directly chose to learn Computers sciences. I straight connected to this subject, that I learnt for 2 years. In this project, my role was to code all the parts of the application, for the different clients, and to write the different programs. This project was a very interesting experience for me, in fact it was my first real Teamwork, the first big project that I had to realize, during one year. I could practice all the things I learnt in this subject, to code my first real programs from myself. My teacher helped me a lot, and thanks to Dorit and all my group, which worked a lot to move forward the project, we succeed in that project, by realizing a very good product.
Coral Goldman
Ever since I can remember myself, I always loved exploring, developing and creating.... that’s why I’ve always found myself studying design. I majored graphics at high school and I served as a graphic designer in the air force newspaper during my military service. Every project I take part in begins with an in-depth thinking and thorough exploration, aiming to characterizing the requirements and putting in my added value. I’m curious, eager to learn and detailed oriented in a way that reflects on my work process and allows me to be up to date and relevant granting a unique personal touch that serves my main objectives. It’s important for me to take part in projects that incorporate social engagement When developing 'Pick Me' app, we developed the name for a carpool platform. as a team We thought and agreed together on the appropriate values from which I stepped out for a journey designing the branding language, the logo, the color pallet and the UX/UI design. The cooperation and exposure to teams combining entrepreneurs, designers and programmers was an extraordinary one-time experience. I’ve definitely benefited from working in a team and from the exposure to the practical world, being part of a process of taking an idea and making it real.
Dorit Ben David
Head of computer science at Ostrovsky school, Ra'annana

All projects (tech-prototypes) are ‘open for sell’  for a flat fee based on MAX proprietary commercial and legal generic terms.

The buyer will receive all project’s properties such as :

– IP

– Source code

– Brand & Product design

– Working prototype

– Marketing & Business materials and connections

*MAX is legally authorized to make the transaction on behalf of the team.

Where are you at?

While I’m writing this text, I now have a project finished for my exam. I have coded (C#) an application for the manager of the project (me) who is able to see all the details of the users of the application. The manager, who uses a Windows computer, can also change or add new users, new cars, or clear them. For that application I used Binding. The programs I used in that part calls to the DataBase programs, with SQL sentences. 

There is also the website. In this website, the user can log in, register (if he’s a new user), and then to see his table of posts. 

To finish, there is the application. This application is for IOS customers and android ones. They can log in to their accounts, register (if they are new customers), then they are able to see the posts in the application (the scheduled trips), their own cars, and they can add to the application a post or a car. 

The next step in the application is to match customers. For that, the customer adds details of his life (age, hobbies, where does he work, where does he study…) and the application automatically matches between two clients who are corresponding, in order to create social connections between people. The step after is to make a security verification of each user. For that, the user enters details of where he lives, is he a part of a religious community… Then, someone (the manager) checks his details and rate the security of the customer from 1 to 10. 

With these steps, the customers will know who they can travel with security, or who they can travel with to create social links.


What do you need to bring the project forward?

The main thing we need to make this project a reality is a decent budget which will enable us to hire the most professional architects, designers and to make sure we are doing a big work in the marketing field so we can approach to as many people as possible. 


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