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Point 75

A life-saving safety app that interfaces with the vehicle and offers automated tools that allow parents to protect their children from the dangers of drunk driving



POINT 75 is a revolutionary app with a unique and simple technology that allows you to test the response time of young drivers, provide information to their parents about their driving skills, and immediately take control of the vehicle if they are in real danger to their lives. All this while creating transparency and healthy communication between parents and children, lots of humour, games and educational tools that allow users to gain benefits.


The Problem 

As a team that needed to solve a real problem, the first step was to come up with a pain point that we all share. It was amazing and daunting to see that while each of us comes from different worlds of content, from different places and ages, we all have one common pain – the driving phenomenon of drunkenness, which we each met at least once as young drivers, leaving us with an etched memory. When we dove into ongoing research on the subject, in collaboration with the Green Light Association, we were shocked to discover that over 300 drunk driving accidents each year have been hit with injuries, costing the Israeli economy close to half a billion shekels. In the second stage, we discovered the following alarming figure – half of these accidents are caused by young drivers. Here we already realized that it was not the responsibility of ignoring such a difficult problem, which for some past attempts failed to deal with. We have seen that over the years, all these attempts have incorporated elements of intimidation, deterrence, legislation – which may have created a certain impact, but it dissipated in no time. Then we realized – a real change in the habits of the younger generation, such a change that can identify with it – can only grow out of it.

Road safety education does not have to come in a form of intimidation and deterrence – it can be fun and humorous.


Our Solution

POINT 75 is a humorous, young, and fun app that allows parents to supervise their children on their way to places of entertainment, to make sure they are being monitored and safe on their way to places of entertainment, especially on weekends. When Parental Controls are enabled by the parent, our technology recognizes, through play, the young driver’s response time, and can confirm his driving skills, or take control of the vehicle immediately if there is a real danger to his life. Because every game the system offers, whether it is a game that tests the speed of reaction or the many other educational games the system offers on road safety – enjoyment is guaranteed! Learning is effective, requires thought, and victory earns users with points – which can convert into real money Fuel at the various gas stations, discount insurance companies, and other equal benefits!


Thus, we succeed through a single platform, offering a much cheaper and simpler interface than competitors, who can meet the need of concerned parents and prove that parental control apps do not have to be spy and conflicting. 

POINT 75 makes road safety a much more fun, trendy and lively topic – and most importantly – stimulates the amount of drunk drivers on the road – saving lives!


How does it work?

POINT 75 is an app that has two interfaces – parent interface and child interface. The parent interface is built at the click of a button, the parent can turn on parental control – meaning to choose which ride on their child to pass the response speed test, which will confirm his driving ability and allow the vehicle to start. Once the parent turned on the system, the POINT 75 app will detect it, and the child’s phone screen will show an alert, signaling the app to open. The main screen will show the child’s profile with a variety of actions – startup settings, settings (including profile settings, Sound settings, etc …), more games, a score table and record-breaking, the number of points earned and the station to purchase benefits.















































Start Button – This is the main button on the child profile that he will click to start the response speed test required to start his vehicle.

Other games – besides the reaction speed game that the driver is asked to pass, he has a host of learning and thinking games on the road – including traffic signs, traffic laws, road conditions, risk situations, and accidents. All games are time-based games that combine agility, enjoyment, and learning that encourages the user to Go back up the ladder to continue to earn points.

The user’s score table will be displayed for all games played by the driver and earned himself a win.

The number of points earned – Under this category, the driver can view all the points he has earned, which they can convert into real money for using the benefits purchase station.

The Benefit Purchase Station – This is the category under which the user will be able to express the points he has earned and converted it into real money, in other words, his “candy shop”. On this page, you will be able to see all the benefits he can obtain against the points he accumulated, including discounts for fueling the various gas stations. , Discounts for purchasing auto insurance, etc.

After pressing the start button, general instructions for the games, how to use them, how to weigh the results, and the meanings derived for passing or failing the test will be displayed. Then there will be three random games (variables from use to order) that will run continuously and for each of the games, an explanation panel will appear before they begin. The games are on time, and the three of them together do not exceed one and a half minutes. In each test, the speed of reaction of the driver (including the assessment of possible human errors is also calculated in the situation where the driver is indeed capable of driving), and at the end of the three tests, the average speed of response is calculated. If it does not exceed 0.75 seconds, the driver is fit for driving (he is Sober) and will pop a test pass confirmation panel for both the child interface and the parent interface. At that moment, the vehicle will be allowed to start and the child will be able to drive safely. If it did not pass the test (meaning that the response rate exceeded 0.75 (the child is under the influence of alcohol), the vehicle ignition will not be possible until the parents do not allow the deactivation, and the child and the parent will have the option Book a taxi to the child’s whereabouts with the click of a button Once the parent confirms that the matter has been handled and the child is safe, send the child an explanation message about the motive from which we operate, and why such a case should not be repeated.

Our challenges

In terms of technological challenges – one of the most difficult challenges is understanding how the app interacts with the vehicle, taking control of it when needed, and preventing it from starting. To do this, we needed automotive experts that would use a special component called “plug-in,” and still, this would require high-level cyber protection to prevent hacking into the app and hacking the vehicle. Because our technology is simple and inexpensive, it is also important in the automotive interface to reduce costs, and to make a convenient and accessible application.

In terms of business difficulty – an app that can be seen as a “parental control” an app that the child must cooperate with. The goal of POINT 75 is to create an app that has an element of parental control but is equally designed for adolescence, making it a non-spy app that creates collaboration between the adolescence and their parents. Of course, as the interface evolves, we expect to develop more ideas for drivers and offer them additional benefits

Our Impact

A comprehensive survey we conducted for parents of young drivers (17-24) found that young drivers use the vehicle every week for recreational and social events involving alcoholic beverages. About 84.6% of parents are anxious about the safety of their children when they go out to social entertainment venues and drive in a private vehicle. Nearly 90% are interested and would use an interface that helps them know for sure that their children are driving safely and wisely (without the influence of alcohol) on their way to places of recreation and return from them, indicating that this would make them feel much more relaxed. Beyond the fact that our venture is designed to address the needs of concerned parents, our venture is the first of its kind to offer a real solution to the carnage problem on the road – not through intimidation or legislation – but habitual change. In doing so, Point 75 serves a supreme value – sanctifying life, and aims to save human lives – which is the biggest and most important impact we can have as an enterprise.

Koren Peretz
studying in the Nachshon Excellence Program
Uri Peretz
studying in the Nachshon Excellence Program
Nofer Lipnik
a graduate student in product design, Shankar.
Eden Cohen Zion
IDC student
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration in Outstanding Program, IDC Herzliya.
Ofra Sharan
Social Educator and Coordinator Excellence in Nachshon, MA In literature, 34 years of seniority in teaching.

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