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RideSpot is all about connecting people who share their interests together, making sure it is easy, organized and safe for them to do what they love most


RideSpot is a social network that was created and designed to connect between people who love to ride.

Riders in Israel do not have a way of connecting or gathering together when they just want to do what they love and what they are good at.

This is how RideSpot gets in the picture.


We all use different social networks to find some information about things that interest us, or our different hobbies. Our idea is to create a unique network that connects street riders of different platforms – skateboards, bikes, scooters etc.

By using RideSpot, you can find people to ride within your own city! Or look for various locations to ride at. Using the application can also help you keep yourself and other citizens safe, by showing the best places to ride and safe routes to your riding spot and back. 

How does RideSpot work?

Every member at RideSpot has his own profile, allowing him to do various actions in the app.

Once you sign up as a member, you are authorized to upload new places to ride, update information about existing places and about the safety of the locations and the routes. You can also be invited or invite friends or people you don’t even know to come and ride with you!

Our biggest challenge is finding the users for the app. In many countries around the world, skating and sport riding are very common and therefore they are also many locations to ride at, events to participate in and contests to compete at. Here in Israel, the riding community is still quite small, and the riders are spread all around the country. Hopefully, by using RideSpot, we will find a solution for anyone that just wants to ride!


We believe that by using RideSpot, people can make their hobby into a growing community, help their city become a place that is more friendly to riders and to citizens by keeping themselves and the surrounding safe and becoming a better place to ride at!

We also believe that RideSpot can be used as a great platform for any kind of activity that involves gathering together and become a social network for new and existing communities

Shani Avital
IDC student
I am studying computer science and entrepreneurship 1st year student at IDC Herzliya - Business development. I'm 25 years old, I grew up on kibbutz Alumim. I love being with my family and exploring new places around the country and around the world. Participating in the program has taught me a lot about teamwork and about opening my mind to new ideas and new worlds that were not a part of my life until today
Yuval Ben – Shushan
I am a visual communications and interior design 3rd year student at the College of management – UI design. 25 years old, I grew up on a moshav in the north of Israel. Today I live in Rishon LeZion. I love to draw and travel. My experience was mainly about working in a team were each one of us has specialises in something different, coming up with ideas and making them into a design
Aaron Sack
12th grade student at Ostrovsky High school in Ra'anana – Software and development
Dorit Ben David
Head of computer science at Ostrovsky school, Ra'annana

All projects (tech-prototypes) are ‘open for sell’  for flat fee based on MAX proprietary commercial  and legal generic terms.

The buyer will receive all project’s properties such as :

– IP

– Source code

– Brand & Product design

– Working prototype

– Marketing & Business materials and connections

*MAX is legally authorized to make the transaction on behalf of the team.

At the moment, RideSpot is only available as a desktop version and the team is now
working on a mobile app. The project developer, Aaron has managed to create a working database that is
connected to his host. He has created a wpf application that allows him to present a
Google Maps map with his locations from his database.
We are in contact with a few city municipalities in order to cooperate with them.
Our goal is to make the city safer and make sure that riding in the cities is accessible,
organized and safe. Therefore, is it our benefit as well as the towns to work hand in
hand together. We hope that in the future, RideSpot will become a growing platform for all kinds of
communities to connect between their people in every way possible.

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