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Safe Kids

A common problem modern day parents face today is the constant worry that comes with making sure their children are safe and well while they are at work. The goal of our application is to stop this endless and usless worry and asure parents who cannot accompany their children to their school or after-school activities that their child did indeed make it to school safely. Our application allows teachers and parents to communicate effictiently and provide the parents with attendance.


At the beginning of our journey, Sharon and her teacher brainstormed the general idea for the app. After, long communication with Yuval in which we pinpointed certain aspects we wanted to focus on, we interviewed the targeted audience which helped us futher decide which aspects were more vital. In conclusion, with the help of Eden and her incredible design we transformed this idea into reality. We believe in this project and the tremendous good it can do for our modern day parents.

What’s the problem you are trying to solve?

Four years ago, Sharon moved to Israel with her four little sisters. With two working parents it became hard for them to know where they were throughout the day, especially with her younger sisters. Therefore, SafeKid came to live. in addition, since she was a young child, Yuval took part in the isrfaeli scouts and later on became a counselor. During her time as a counselor, Yuval experienced first hand the challenged of being responsible for young children that has no phones or communication with their parents. The shared experience showed how common and important SafeKid really is for our modern society.

How are you trying to solve the problem?

Safekid is an app that enables parents who work in jobs which don’t allow them to be with their children throughout their day to rest assured that their children ar esafe and well. Our project differs from other parenting apps because it solves a general problem modern-day parents face today.We are solving this problem by creating a direct link between parents and teachers in which parents receive immediate notifications if their child is absent. This app will reduce the `parents concerns for the well-being of their children and will help them be more effictient during their daily lives. 

How does it work?

SafeKid is going to change the way parents and children live their daily lives. Thanks to SafeKid, when a child goes to school in the morning or to their after-school activities, the app will allow teachers to mark the students attendance . If the student does not appear, all the guardians of said student receive an automatic message explaining which institution the child missed, what time he was supposed to be their and where he was last checked out of, furthermore allowing the guardians to pinpoint the student’s location

What are the challenges?


Who are you impacting?

SafeKid is going to impact many different aspects of life and communities today. One impact we are making is easing parents’ worry throughout their workday. In addition, we are also helping teachers and counselors in their attendance. Through SafeKid teachers and counselors are able to know if the student is not attending school in the future. This product will benefit both of the targeted groups. For parents it is a big relief to know that their children are safe. And for teachers, it is an efficient way to communicate to parents, without having to pick up 4-20 phone calls from worried parents. During the process of creating safeKid we conducted a survey that confirmed to us that our mission is important and that our app can benefit the parents.

Sharon Atlan
I attend Ostrovsky High School in the 12th grade. I am part of a Cyber/Physics class in my school. I moved to Raanana, Israel in 2016 from San Francisco, USA. I am very interested in art, music and volunteering in Mda. I am coding this project with the help of my wonderful teacher, Dorit Ben-David. "During this project I learned more about coding projects in C#. In addition, I learned what it was like working in a group with people who bring different sets of skills to further improve SafeKid. This program made me respect people who go through this process and create big worldwide companies like Waze and Facebook."
Yuval bauberg
IDC student
I grew up in Binyamina. I participated in the Israeli scouts for 9 years, 4 years as a counselor. Later on I did a gap year "Mechinat Nachshon" and also, After my gap year I was recruited as an officer in the Israeli Air Force. After my army service, I was of the founders of the "hashomer hachadash" youth movement. "Max is a combination of 3 things I love, guiding teenagers, building something from scratch and managing a teem. This program is very important and I think it’s the future of education – teaching through doing."
Eden shalev
I am a student of visual communication and interior design at the College of Management. My role in the SAFEKID project is the UX design. I grew up in Ashdod. At the age of 18 I joined the army and served as a photographer and video editor. The army helped my decision to continue with the hobby and study design. "Max is a place where teens can learn many skills and develop themselves. The project was a fun and interesting process."
Dorit Ben David
Head of computer science at Ostrovsky school, Ra'annana

All projects (tech-prototypes) are ‘open for sell’  for flat fee based on MAX proprietary commercial  and legal generic terms.

The buyer will receive all project’s properties such as :

– IP

– Source code

– Brand & Product design

– Working prototype

– Marketing & Business materials and connections

*MAX is legally authorized to make the transaction on behalf of the team.

Where Are You At?

The code has an application for the manager of the app and 2 websites logins for the teachers and the parents. So far, the first prototype is ready. The design and some situations are still not fully developed.

What do you need to bring your project forward?

Firstly, more time. I feel like in the past few months I have a clearer idea of what the clients need to use the application efficiently and effortlessly. When the application and website is finished with I will need a design partner who will help seamlessly connect the code with a nice decoration so the client will feel comfortable and not overwhelmed by the new app. Another part of making the application is catering it to the targeted audience. In our case, teachers and parents. Therefore its important to be in constant communication and conversation with them and have them test the prototype.

Server Side: C#

Frontend: WPF, C#,, zamarin cross platform

Database: Access (OLE-DB) -(for prototype and can easily be switched)

Other interesting things in our project is the connection between Manager and Client using web services and WCF. We also use ServiceClient.

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