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ShareWe is all about connecting the right people at the right time. There are so many parents out there wishing to save some expanses on their toddler’s equipment & clothing, while there are those who are seeking to give away theirs. We wish to connect them with just one upload and one click of a button. It is that simple.


The problem

Originally, our product started as a virtual marketplace for clothing, in order to help clothing donation associations. As we’ve moved forward with our idea and research we figured the target audience is satisfied with the multiple locations for donating, In addition to the fact that big part of the donated clothing gets thrown away. So we brainstormed once again, trying to pinpoint our idea. And we’ve pinpointed our idea. We researched and realized young parents are dealing with a high-frequency turnover of clothing, hygiene tools, toys, strollers, and equipment of their 0 – 5 aged children, while most of them are in their first years of career. On the other hand there are thousands of parents who are diligently seeking a close friend or a relative, to give them their toddler’s equipment.

Unfortunately, not Facebook groups nor donation associations are helping these parents mentioned above. There isn’t a place where all of them can contact directly or find each other.

Fortunately, we are here just for that. 😊 So Shall we?


The solution

We are developing an innovative user-friendly Application where you can view varied categories of toddler equipment, all uploaded by other parents who are seeking those who they can share with. Clearly, you can upload whatever you are willing to give and mention your availability to transfer it. We offer a straight-forward solution. Once you’ve decided you need a new stroller for example, you can first enter our app and see all the available and nearby strollers, their exact situation, a full description of it with some detailed photos and just pick one!




The way it works

The app is intuitive for every user. You enter the app and in a few seconds get to see a variety of different toddler’s products, divided by categories. You can press on an image to see the full description of this product or scroll down the main page to see other categories. You can also enter the categories page to see the whole categories. If you decide to sign in you’ll be able to upload a new product as well and have your own favorites page, adding to it the product you find interesting while searching the perfect one.

Our challenges

  1. Collaborations – Our business model is based on collaborations. We give the big companies a place for advertising their stores, in exchange for discounts for wide givers, such as those who gave away at least 10 products for example. This way, big companies can earn new customers or maintain existing customers. We’ve started a process with Shilav, which ended due to Corona and we are excited to develop new collaborations!
  2. Marketing – we’ve posted our new product in our varied social media platforms but it is fairly not enough. We will spread the word in the relevant Facebook groups as well, but we would like to have a more organized and wide marketing process.


Our impact

  1. Parents from different socioeconomic levels

    – whether you are a young couple in your early career years and you are willing to save some high expenses, you are from the low or moderate socioeconomic level or it is your third, fourth or fifth child and you have already given away your older children equipment and don’t want to buy everything all over again. Our app saves your money and helps you utilize it for other purposes!

  2. Parents who want to give away their toddler’s belongings

    – dozens of thousands around Israel are seeking the right families to pass them their not-anymore toddler’s equipment! We are creating the perfect platform and a new community to help these parents, with just one upload, find exactly what they are looking for!

  3. Eco-friendly – the 21st

    century culture is all about consuming the latest toy, T-shirt, baby shoes, or a cute dress. We believe that with our app we are making our planet a bit better, with less consuming and more sharing and helping each other.

David Goral
My name is David Goral, 18 years old student at "Madaaim" School in Rehovot. I am a 12th grade student, in addition to the regular final exams, I have decided to study Computer Science and Software engineering. I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and programming and thanks to this project I am learning about the whole method of the product life cycle. I find myself working for hours on this fascinating project, truly hope to expand my programming knowledge, making this product a daily-use app by the Israeli parents.
Ori Zilber
IDC student
Who are you? My name is Ori Zilber, 26 years old and nowadays I am during my first year as a Student in Computer Science & Entrepreneurship at IDC Herzliya. Background – I served for 5 years in 8200 unit as an intelligence & data analyst as a soldier, and a product manager and course commander as an officer. I am enthusiastic about software development, Building teams from scratch and creating efficient, precise and impactful products. Experience – As a data analyst I got the opportunity to be part of a small crew in order to Find in a short-term episode an intelligence, data-based, solution for an intelligence gap we have dealt with. As a product manager I took forward this experience and created a few different groups in order to produce precise and fast solutions. Nowadays I am a part of the technological crew of a new platform wishing to help finding new jobs due to corona. I help develop the Bot. I truly believe in ShareWe and the impact it has, along with our great chemistry we have built as a team.
Tomer Schmilovitch
my name is Tomer Schmilovitch, 30 years old and a fresh graduate of Bachelor in Industrial design form Holon institute of technology. Background - I enjoy my life living in the great city of Holon and working in the Design Museum Holon as Exhibition Operation Manager. i love to play and compose music and combining it with design. My final project was to invent a new musical instrument and in my spare time i keep on developing new instrumets. Experience – As mentioned above my speciality is product design, therefore I haven’t designed and developed a software app already so I didn’t work on UX design. Truly, I have found it delightful and very interesting learning the steps and building wireframes to make an app. I have found many similarities between product design and digital product design. The work with the team was excellent and we all learned from each other and taught one another.
Zehava Lavi
Head of computer science Classes at madaim school, rehovot

All projects (tech-prototypes) are ‘open for sell’  for a flat fee based on MAX proprietary commercial and legal generic terms.

The buyer will receive all project’s properties such as :

– IP

– Source code

– Brand & Product design

– Working prototype

– Marketing & Business materials and connections

*MAX is legally authorized to make the transaction on behalf of the team.

We have created an app that aims to bring the new parents together under one shell. We prepared the prototype that is currently working including all the pages that the user can navigate in, but we have not yet distributed it to the general public. We wish to go public first with a MVP after a few other development stages, focusing on merging the design inside all of the app’s pages.
For the purpose of building the app we used a database called “Firebase” where we store all users’ data. We wrote the code in Android Studio software, in Java language. In order to perform quality control we used a simulator on the Nexus 5X device. After reviewing the app’s function, we transferred the XML file (app) to our mobile devices and used the app ourselves.
As mentioned in our challenges above, In order to promote the app’s professionalism and continued activity we wish to collaborate with a specialist contact in advertising, promotion and marketing. We are aware that the app market is a busy market full of different content and to highlight the uniqueness of our app we will need to go out on an advertising campaign. Furthermore, after releasing our MVP we we will conduct a representative sample of the customer audience regarding the convenience of using the app.

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    Our Impact
    Parents who want to give away their toddler’s belongings
    Eco-friendly– the 21st
    Parents from different socioeconomic levels