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“Connecting students and pupils, for better education and social involvement.”

Our goal is to change the types of one of the tools (private lessons) that pupils use for succeeding in education . we are not aiming to change the education system but to help, promote and work with the existing stakeholders.


What is your venture about?

TBV aims to improve the quality of the connection between students (“Teachers”) from the academy or high school (who need credit points/hours of social involvement) and students (“Pupils”) who want to take part in a private class but are not financially able.


TBV believes that with our product and the cooperation of relevant market factors (such as nonprofits or educational institutions), together we will be able to benefit the learning process both socially and economically and reduce the socioeconomic gaps in educational institutions.

What is the problem that we are solving?

Strengthening the knowledge and desire to succeed in educational institutions of all ages stimulates the phenomenon of private lessons. Private lessons are not included in the curriculum of the education system, but nevertheless form a significant part of the student/student preparation for the test. The problem is on the economic side of the issue, since not every family can afford to finance a private lesson, especially not routinely.


A private lesson is a financial burden for parents, who are usually the ones who fund the lesson for their child, whether it is a personal or group lesson. According to a study by the Globes newspaper (Israeli Economic Daily) published in December 2015, 70% of students at some point needed a private lesson.


Credit To “Globes” Newspaper

How does it work?

The product provides a quick, intuitive, and easy way to enroll, select a Teacher, recommend connections, communicate via video or chat, and schedule a face-to-face or online private lesson. At the end of each lesson and as a requirement for continued membership, each Pupil will fill in a questionnaire, which will be pre-requisite for the Teacher to receive credits.



Teachers – The product allows each student to create an accessible profile where all relevant data will be displayed (degree, the profession he specializes in, reviews, age, area of activity, hobbies, seniority, etc.)


Pupils –  The product will allow each Pupil to create a user for using the platform (“Freemium” model).

The user is able to search his perfect match with a Teacher by using filters and chat which helps him to adjust the details depending on his wishes and needs.


“Small Effort For Big Success”

TBV is a game-changer in the world of private studies:

  • Intuitive user system
  • Fast connection between users
  • Intuitive user interface
  • “Freemium” – Free service with an option to become a premium customer


Our Challenges

Since we want to gift each student with a credit point for each lesson he makes, we need the acceptance of an institute to make the process official. we are in conversations with many institutes at Israel such as IDC and “Hadarim High School” at Hod Hasharon and the Institute of Higher Education.


In addition, one of our challenges is to make the marketing process on the possible and best way. Since our customers are young pupils and students, who are not responsible for their economy situation yet, we have to combine and build a marketing function that will touch the pupil and his parent on the same breath. if we will success to make the parent understand the need our product, it will be much easier for us to apply our process


another challenge that we are dealing with is to progressing the development of the our product, we strive to to develop an innovative platform that will get better in any terms every day and every sec. For reaching that goal we are challenge ourselves and stretch the boundaries in any missions we are dealing with.


Our Impact

The main goal of TBV is to help and and promote the the society in israel socially and economically. we don’t try to change the method. we are looking for improving the system of non-official education in israel and try to make the chance to success accessible for any pupil and student in the country.

TBV strongly believe that our product could help the families in terms of building the future of their kids by providing them equal opportunities for success and bright future in terms of social and education.


Tomer Eldar
I am 18 years old, i study at Hadarim High School at Hod Hasharon. Beside programming, i like to play basketball and spend time with my friends. Also i like wave-surfing. I learned a lot from doing the project: i learned how to work i a team more effectively, i learned about new programming languages (Javascript, Html, Python). I could say that my creativity has improved and I am satisfied about my decision to work with Max Organization, It definitely maximize my skills.
Omer Onn
IDC student
I’m 24 years old, sports and music lover, like to travel and spend time with my family and friends, always try to dream big. My role in the team was trying to manage the whole system - make sure that everything works together as one strong unit. In addition, i am in charge of our marketing process, on our PR and our development in terms of connections with the world in order to promote our product and make it successful.
Nadir Harlap
Hi, I'm Nadir 28 years old graphic designer and elementary school art teacher. Graduate of Bezalel, Department of Visual Communication. Lives in Kibbutz Naan with my boyfriend Haran, Katya the cat and Goss the dog. While i’m not in front of the computer, I love to draw, write, read and do yoga. Growing up in Tel Aviv, I was always engaged in art and Scouts. In addition to my Bezalel degree, I did a teaching certificate in art education at the Hebrew University. I was very happy to have the opportunity to combine my two loves - design and teaching. I felt that through the project I could express my abilities as both a designer and a teacher. My role in the team was to design the graphic language of the product.
Shmulik Shwartz
Head of computer science at Hadarim High school, Hod Hasharon

All projects (tech-prototypes) are ‘open for sell’  for a flat fee based on MAX proprietary commercial and legal generic terms.

The buyer will receive all project’s properties such as :

– IP

– Source code

– Brand & Product design

– Working prototype

– Marketing & Business materials and connections

*MAX is legally authorized to make the transaction on behalf of the team.


In terms of technology we’re still developing our platform. For now, there is an option to create a user (the user information saved on database) and connect to the platform. All active users’ actions are monitored (teacher-student varies). In addition we made a code which create and lead to a conversation between the teacher and the pupil during a lesson. we’re trying to develop our system on the best way we can, with many functions and features which we will provide in the future.


In order to complete our product, we need to combine the graphic and designs with the code, create a smart page of a lesson , and create a chat option.

in addition, we believe that a good and right institute that will join us and will support us could donate a lot to the process and the future of education in Israel.

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    Our Impact
    Provide equal opportunities for pupils and students at Israel
    Reduce the gaps between high-low society in terms of education
    Improve the system of non-official education at Israel