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Travel Frog

Travel your way, with unforgettable experiences.

Manage your trip efficiently with location-based tips and fun sharing experiences, with a special community of travelers – the community you were looking for.


Do you remember what it was like planning your great trip? probably, it was not fun. 

And what about getting answers to questions about destinations during the trip? 

We are Travel Frog- and we are going to change the process of planning and managing the great trip after military service.

With Travel Frog, travelers can create a long trip plan, dynamically. The use of our platform comes with joining a broad community of travelers. 

So… let’s go on a safe, fun-filled, and carefree trip.


The problem

Planning the great trip to the south and central America is a complicated process – this is why most travelers don’t do it or even worse- they do it wrong.

A wrong plan could sometimes make it a dangerous trip. Most 20-30 years old travelers face uncertainty and can’t find a total solution.

We felt it when we were traveling through south and central America, so we decided to check- why is it so complicated?

this is what we found out:

  • Many sources of information, sometimes unreliable.
  • The traveler’s unfamiliarity with the process. 
  • Changing destinations and goals throughout the trip.
  • Many variables that are not taken into account.

We got to a point we knew we have to do something to help all the other tens of thousands of travelers each year.


The solution 

We built an app for planning and managing the great trip.

The app is convenient, efficient, advanced, and based on a broad community.

By our research we figured how to help all those travelers to have a fun, safe, and significant trip.

Our solution provides two main features- 

The concentration of essential information and connection to a wide community of travelers. 

The Travel Frog app is focused on 3 channels-

  • Experience of others.
  • Personal planning.
  • Record experiences from the trip.

Travel Frog is like no other platform for planning and managing the great trip. Now, travelers can plan their trip with no effort, offline if needed, get tips from other travelers, find answers to any question they have, and travel safely with no worries.


The challenges

Reliable travelers

Some of the tips from other travelers can be misleading. At Travel Frog we make sure every uploaded tip is backed out with as much travellers as possible.


Creating community core

We need a strong community core. We plan to collaborate with an organization that has access to a large number of travelers.


Fast answering for questions

Travelers sometimes have specific questions. At Travel Frog, travelers can ask other 

travelers inside the app or even leave a question for Travel Frog staff.



Tens of thousands of travelers a year.


Ages 21-30 (usual travelers after the military).

Duration- an average of 3 months.

No specific gender is prominent.


“This is what I’ve been looking for”, “It has all the answers, that’s great” – some of the reactions we got about our platform.

Paola Ruiloba
Industrial Designer from Jerusalém, specializes in UX/UI - Product Design. “I've learned a lot about traveling and the consequences you take the moment to travel to new places, it's important to know all the tools you have to keep being safe and to have fun. There's a lot of information that's necessary for the people to know how to do the best trip and to avoid inconvenience.”
Ron Gladish
Study computer science and physics in “Madaim” High school in Rehovot. “My role in the team was the front and back end developer of the application. I like to solve everyday problems with computers. I am glad I got to be a part of this project, thought out the project I experienced what it was like working in a more professional environment with more dedicated people.”
Guy Weissman
IDC student
Guy is a Business development Computer science and entrepreneurship student at IDC Herzliya, lives in Tel Aviv. “Finally, I feel there is a right way to plan the great trip. As business development manager, my goal was to promote this project and each person in it to higher level. We achieved our goals with great success and we’re planning to go further.”
Zehava Lavi
Head of computer science Classes at madaim school, Rehovot

All projects (tech-prototypes) are ‘open for sell’  for flat fee based on MAX proprietary commercial  and legal generic terms.

The buyer will receive all project’s properties such as :

– IP

– Source code

– Brand & Product design

– Working prototype

– Marketing & Business materials and connections

*MAX is legally authorized to make the transaction on behalf of the team.

Travel Frog app is at first prototype phase. A lot is done technologically to fit the product to the end users:


  • User registration system.
  • Community management.
  • Users can upload  tips to other users, photos from places they visit and more. 
  • The information storage system is based on the Firebase system, a Google tool
  • System for subscribing users.


We now turn testing the product on end users, then to establish the community by creating meaningful collaboration. We also aim to launch the product in few months. In order to do so we need financing for aggressive marketing and to continue the product development.

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