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Type One

Our vision is to create one roof for all information and support needs for the type 1 diabetic community in Israel. Redefining the experience of finding knowledge and connecting.

Our platform, in the phone application form, is destined to serve the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) in Israel, an affiliate of the international leading type 1 diabetes organization.

Health Care

The Type one diabetes community in Israel consists of nearly 50,000 diagnosed diabetics ranging in ages from toddlers to third age. The members experience rich and varied lifestyles, some taking part in sports, some travel – all the while having to deal with an abundance of bureaucratic and medical hurdles, creating a world of solutions and know-hows.

Beyond the members themselves each brings in a circle of friends and relatives, all now part of this expanding Type one family. Several of the most active participants in the community are actually not diabetics but close relatives such as parents to a diabetic child.


A World of info out there

To its pride this community of nearly 50,000 is a sharing one: dozens of social network groups are open and flooded with questions and tips, doctors and specialists hosting digital forums and chats, and above all else is the JDRF support, representing and creating important content to reach its members.

But this fragmentation of information makes it so difficult for a single person to have all the tools available out there. As each bit of information is only useful for a particular step in life, we want to have that information right when we need it.


Introducing the Type1 App

Type1 is a platform designed to be the new home for convenient communication for the Diabetic community, through the personalization of information and utilizing the community as a whole to make the knowledge as accessible as can be.

The Type1 App features a social network focusing on showing you only the information relevant to you, customized for the profile you build. This information is then digested down to easy-to-use reminders, sticky-notes, and calendar events that are made for you with no action required, redefining the experience of finding knowledge and connecting.




Shaked Alon
A 12th grade student, attending “Madaim” school and studying software engineering. I was privileged to be part of this unique project that truly addresses the needs of Diabetes mellitus. Through the implementation of the project, I have experienced app development and teamwork. The experience has been very challenging and satisfying.
Reut Filipowicz
Reut is a graduate of Interactive Design at HIT. 30 years old, living in Tel-Aviv, practicing photography and pharmaceutical representation.
David Openheim Shemesh
Graphic designer, specializes in UX UI. Leading a course at HIT for design students, providing an on the job training of real projects for non-profit organizations. The course enables students to create a unique digital user experience while helping organizations to move on to the digital world and get an interactive solution for their needs.
Daniel Prigan
IDC student
BSc. & B.A. student of entrepreneurship and computer science at the IDC. This project is an opportunity for me to experience creating real value for people who need it, using the tools I am studying. Thrilled to have been given the chance to work with a brilliant coder, talented designers; and an attentive organization for a client.
Zehava lavi
Head of computer science Classes at madaim school, rehovot

All projects (tech-prototypes) are ‘open for sell’  for flat fee based on MAX proprietary commercial and legal generic terms.

The buyer will receive all project’s properties such as :

– IP

– Source code

– Brand & Product design

– Working prototype

– Marketing & Business materials and connections

*MAX is legally authorized to make the transaction on behalf of the team.

The project is a social network information platform, implemented as a phone application.

In the process of creating an app we engage with user experience and back-end storage and processing, based in the cloud.

DataBase Architecture

Back-end is designed to allow access from any phone, utilizing Google’s FireBase services for creation of a profile and information database. The profile database is dynamically linked, with an intricate tagging system, to the information that will be stored by administrators and users to the information database. 

Additionally, there is use of shared preferences to allow for local storage of profile information on the user’s device for a fast continuous experience, with features such as remember-me when logging in.

Back-end is in late development stage and ready to allow for first demo entry to the market.

UI/UX Design

Front-end UI/UX design was expertly orchestrated by a group of 11 interactive design student and the course’s instructor. Finally after 2 stages of presentation to the JDRF and a group of design experts, a winning design was chosen, and a wonderful designer with it joined the project’s team.

The design was created using Adobe xd, starting from thematic idea color palate and logo to a full vision-app user experience. 

Front-end on the user side is fully complete and being adapted to the Back-end on a limited options demo version. Some administrator side design will be required.

Customer Engagement

As far as market readiness goes, first trial adopters from the JDRF are eager to experience the demo version of the app and give appropriate feedback.

Our destination goal is to advance the project to the next step of alpha version, with an ability to create active users that post content.

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